Complex Circuit Board or Simple COB?

Lumileds Luxeon Chip-On-Board LED (COB)

All Solidly Simple Bay lighting uses a single, top grade Lumileds Luxeon COB LED on its own thermal column heat sink. Linear LED high bays have HUNDREDS of LEDs on multiple circuit boards, complete with other solid-state circuitry or connectors. Warranties are great. But if/when LEDs or a circuit board fails or are damaged, you must replace the entire board. What if that manufacturer is no longer in business? Good luck trying to find their particular circuit board on the open market. Your fixture is ready to be recycled.

We Provide Options

  1. SSL North America offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the LEDs for failure, color or intensity shift! (see warranty for details)
  2. Simply unscrew the lamp and return to us for replacement.
  3. Worst case – Your high bay manufacturer goes out of business. Competitors’ LED circuit boards are only available from them. You will have to purchase a new fixture. Because SSL North America uses single Lumileds COBs, it can simply be removed and replaced with two screws. The COB is not an SSL proprietary product. They may be purchased at many large electronics supply companies.

Just more reasons to adopt our Solidly Simple architecture in your facility!

Why Such High L70 Lifetimes?

Lumileds LM-80 data for its Gen 3 Luxeon CoBs feature ultra-high L70 lifetimes, even at high operating temperatures. SSL North America drives them at low amperage and optimum cooling to retain these lifetimes – from 350,000 hours up to 450,000 hours TM21 calculated values.