LED Low Bay Lighting – SSBAY 1

200W to 250W Metal Halide Equivalent

So simple – It’s elegant. SSBAY 1 is a simple 54W led low bay replace up to a 250W metal halide and is used for low bay applications or general area lighting, the 54 Watt SSBAY 1 is an ideal alternative for a 250W or lesser wattage Metal Halide/HPS.

Even if your mounting height is a bit high, a 74 degree reflector option will focus and push more light to the floor area. Or use even tighter beam angles for spot lighting. For lower heights or more light spread horizontally, then the 157 degree lens may be your best solution.

LED Low Bay Light SSL North America
The SSBAY 1 -

Specification Overview

Our fixtures are high performance, and built with just the essentials. Simplicity means fewer components to fail and lower cost. Think of them as the Rhinos of the lighting world!


  • 54 Watts Total
  • 7,500 lumens delivered
  • 139 lumens/watt
  • 370,000 Hours L70 (TM21 calculated)
  • 5000K CCT and >73 CRI
  • 100-277VAC
  • Download SSBay-1 Spec Sheet

50w LED Low Bay SSL North America

Optional Heatsink Covers

3D Printed Covers in White, Black, Metallic Copper and Metallic Bronze Colors. (Copper is shown with Black Lens Cover)

Available Light Dispersion Options

Low Bay Light Dispersion 74 Degree Beam Angle SSL North America

74 Degree Beam Angle

Diffuser Option For 74, 58, 38 & 25 Degree

Low Bay 157 Degree Beam Angle SSL North America

157 Degree Beam Angle

How To Create Your Fixture

Using the table below, simply substitute ONE selection from each of the gold multiple choice boxes.

How To Create Your LED Low Bay Lighting Fixture SSL North America

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